Techno City: What is Detroit Techno?

Originally broadcast on TV, this documentary is a celebration of the sound of Detroit with contributions from some of the seminal figures from the techno canon.

The film is a studied look at the evolution and subsequent dispersion of Detroit Techno music. This term, coined in the 1980s, reflects the musical and social influences that informed early experiments in merging the sounds of synth-pop and disco with funk to create this distinct music genre. Shot on location, the film also includes coverage of the inaugural Detroit Electronic Music Festival in 2000. Also the tracklist (see below) is killer.

Courtesy of Third Ear Recordings.

Carl Craig - Planet E Communications
"A Wonderful Life" by Carl Craig
Barrett Watten - Wayne State University, Detroit
"Stardancer" by The Martian
Derrick May - Transmat
"Nude Photo" by Rhythim Is Rhythim
"Live For Friction" by Shake
"Reach" by Paperclip People (Carl Craig)
Kenny Larkin - Art Of Dance
"Java" by Kenny Larkin
"Velocity" Funk by E Dancer
"Blackout" by Lil Louis
Carol Marvin - DEMF Organiser
Stacey Pullen - Black Flag
"On The DL" by Eddie Flashing Fowlkes
Eddie Flashing Fowlkes - City Boy
"Night Illusions" by Octave One
Lawrence, Lorne & Lenny Burden - Octave One
Kevin Saunderson - KMS
"Groovin Without A Doubt" by Kevin Saunderson & Derrick May
"Without" by Kenny Larkin