SONIKKU: Machines Of Loving Grace

SONIKKU is pleased to share their audio-visual mixtape, 'Machines Of Loving Grace’, featuring original music and remixes alongside visuals that react to sound. Premiered in partnership with Fourthree Boiler Room, the mixtape’s AI-generated visuals simulate a clubbing experience in the digital realm.

“Through lockdown, not being able to dance or DJ has been difficult for me,” says SONIKKU. “This project aims to fill that void and recreate a night out through the lens of artificial intelligence.”

A collaboration with machine-learning engineer Chris Tegho, the mixtape’s audio-reactive visuals were generated using AI models trained on images of ecstasy pills, laser shows, and the Adonis Instagram page, a club night and collective SONIKKU is part of.

“Thematically, I was inspired by a number of video games that deal with AI,” SONIKKU continues “Metal Gear Solid 2 (2001) with its themes of simulation, Killer7 (2005) and its use of surrealist imagery, and finally Adam Curtis who I’m referencing in the title of this project, with his use of music and visuals to thread a narrative.”

An EP release of the original music from “Machines of Loving Grace” will be announced shortly.