Rasuk Budaya

Director Kathleen Malay taps into the Indonesian pop culture phenomenon of “Alay” with her new short, ‘Rasuk Budaya,’ which features music by extreme noise unit Gabber Modus Operandi.

Alay exploded through Indonesia in the aftermath of internet access at the turn of the 21st Century, and was informed not only from social and economic inequality, but also the improvisational spirit of the lower-class.

Widely derided for being tacky and garish, the ethos of ‘alay’ has been reclaimed in ‘Rasuk Budaya,’’ presented as the onset of a post-alay movement. It's a celebration of the unsophisticated, an affirmation of that which is often sneered upon.

All characters in the film wear clothing designed by GMO's Ican Harem, whose style is "inspired by Indonesian kitsch culture, the smell of piss and noise from the streets."