Nik Nowak: The Mantis Project

The Berlin based artist Nik Nowak deals critically with the use of sound as a cultural transmitter as is the case with music on the one hand, and with the abuse of sound as a weapon on the other. The short documentary directed by Hiroo Tanaka introduces Nik Nowak latest work “The Mantis,” a two-tonne monumental sound sculpture that, in a biomimetically hydraulic manoeuvre, rears up, preparing itself to do battle at a height of four meters. In January 2019 Nowak premiered his new sonic behemoth in a performative face-off against his earlier “Panzer” loudspeaker tank across a border fence, harkening back to the sonic wars that took place during the Cold War at the German/German border in the early 1960s.

Nik Nowaks Mantis Project was awarded with the VUT Indie Award 2019 in the category Best Experiment and will be exhibited at KINDL Zentrum für Zeitgenössische Kunst in his solo exhibition Schizo Sonics from the 13 September 2020 – 16 May 2021.

The exhibition takes place as part of Berlin Art Week (9 – 13 September 2020).

Artistic Direction: Nik Nowak
Documentary cinematgrapher: Masaya Kato
2nd Camera: Hiroo Tanaka
Motion graphics and Live Visual: Moritz Stumm
Music: Nik Nowak and Kode9
Sculpture Portrait DOP: Stefanie Reinhard
Gaffer: Sampo Luttge
Assistant production and camera: Kazuki Shibuya
Opening Sequence: Paul Brose

Production team
Lighting: Riad Bensir and Dorian Mazurek
Technical Direction : Endre Ketzel
© Nik Nowak 2019 
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