Kinlaw & Franco Franco: 'Militante del Niente'

Noods Presents the official music video for Kinlaw & Franco Franco.

"Inspired by the lyrics of a man driven to insanity we wanted to produce the feeling of a man on the edge. Using commercial lifts, transit vans and warehouses for the shoot - empty spaces with a dark underbelly we created a dystopian environment. Otherworldly spaces for Franco Franco to lose his mind in.

Using the 360 Fusion camera we curated unique movements - rarely seen on film - to invoke a feeling of motion sickness and illness; the finished product: an insight into his mind. With a pinch of Chris Cunningham’s ‘Rubber Johnny’ and channeling Franco Franco’s raw energy it makes for an edit full of boundary-warping madness...not for the faint-hearted." - said Jordan Martin