Inside Out: Sarah Khan

Inside Out is a short film by artist and writer Sarah Roselle Khan that includes footage of everyday British-Pakistani culture, scenes shot in Hackney Marshes and archival material. Combined with a confessional poetic monologue and an original score by musician Nadia Tehran, the film reflects on the complexity and alienation of navigating a cross-cultural existence in a homogeneous Western society - the cycle of disconnect with environment and homecoming to self through honest embodiment.

A film by Sarah Roselle Khan
Writer & Performer - @sarahrkhan._
Editor – @claire_arnold
DOP – @lucianariso
Sound Design – @nadiatehran
Title & Colour Grading – @_____81
Archive Footage – @kinolibrary
Costume Stylist – @rosasafiahconnell
Clothing by @wedstudio_
Monologue recorded @teethstudios
Commissioned and produced by @chisenhalegallery
Executive producer - @icalondon