how to break a horizon: a memory as retold by the sum of its residue

‘how to break a horizon: a memory as retold by the sum of its residue’ (2019) is part of an installation that considers queer Caribbean futurity for its diaspora in the face of impending ecological and social collapse.

Performers: Micha Borneo, Catherine Feliz, Celeste Walters
Harpist: Ahya Simone
Sound: Veniece Session
Camera: Grace Na

Relationship to lesbian identity:

I am only a lesbian as often as I blink,
every hummingbird thrust of heavy lids
embosses a fresher description over the last
By my calculations, I am only a lesbian 40% of the time that I am awake:
(I cannot account for REM, it uses its’ own metric that I do not care to disclose but all i can say
is that inconsistency is FOREX here,
more valuable than most
high yield in the altar corner
soft banker hands count
the day’s transgressions and dole out fancy to match,
“can’t wait until your internship ends--you good to go.”)

but what if this could be love? Less in a biblical way but more in a Brandian way: present and
throbbing like the lip of a leaf, a hot belligerent welt. This precarity is common in that it produces
itself, produces abundance, begs us to read it 10 times over on the hour, lest we expand it in
fear of losing it to a galloping past // Is lesbian like dance? (a lie) Because I couldn’t do that
either, get the body to fold and crumple in one way, silty like loose gravel the next // Is lesbian
like dance because i was told it was better in pairs (another lie) Sweaty glass and palms
Rammed against each other, pressure furtive and pooling sliding against the dust scales grating
off the belly molting because we can and we like to show off but sometimes it might be dust on
the negative or solid state either way, a little perverse in its’ frankness, its’ eagerness to please

Here are some textures for quiet redefinition: wet hair, pattern loose, sugarcane reminding you
to never underestimate them; for when you get close to the sweetness; dive down, draw blood
and raise their arms back up to the sky, skate across the ridges, cutpiece, trade for trade, the original razor blade

Oh to grow into something you want