Pulsating trans corporal desires, ungraspable waves of sensory data, orgasms searching for their own definition in faintly erogenous reality that haven’t fully crystallised yet.

4:3 and Hervisions present #FIRSTDATE, a prelude collection of surreal meditations on some of the impacts of technology and sexual desire by artists Crosslucid.

Instigated in the country of Georgia with predominantly oppressive, strongly biased and largely uneducated relation to sexuality and forms of its expression, with young vibrant generation exploring new modes of communication, the film seeks to contemplate new titillating codes of narration and representations of intimacy.

Remote haptification and clandestine touch-less s(t)imulations venturing on a sensual quest for blended orgasms swiping the infinite scroll without climax (yet) to come.

See also this talk which was broadcast as part of multi format activation that took place in London with LN-CC x hervisions and in Georgia with ArtArea Tbilisi.