Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch: Morphee

A delightful stop-motion animation for Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch’s new single ‘Morphee’ on 130701, the label home to seminal work by Max Richter and Johann Johannsson. The video draws on traditional still life oil paintings, which tend to play on ideas of vanity and morality, but reimagines the typical cast of hourglasses, skulls, quills and dead rabbits with 21st Century equivalents.

“I wanted to make a still life video - which is a kind of oxymoron and an exciting challenge for a director and an editor. In a way this paradox is what interested me - how to capture the passing of time, witness change and destruction using inanimate objects," says director Weronika Tofilska. Through this I wanted to try to tell a simple story about women and the way they experience change in their lives.