The Colours That Rise, 'Trilogy'

“Trilogy” is the accompanying music film to The Colours That Rise’s debut album ‘Grey Doubt’. Both the album and film snapshot and challenge contemporary notions of conspiracy theories, paranoia, dream states, space and race politics. Drawing on synth soundscape, broken beat, jazz and electronic music, the film intertwines the loose narrative of a boy who is paranoid that something otherworldly is following him. In his dreams about bicycles and blue lights he confronts questions about what is real, post-truth, possession, confusion and doubt.

We had a chat with the band about life outside earth, aliens and weed...

How long did you spend away from planet earth? and when do you next plan to get away?
The planet people call earth is a transient place. A service station on an never ending inter-universal motorway. We stop off here from time to time to have a quick piss and stock up on snacks and shit for our Journey.

What was life like on Mars - and what equipment was necessary to breathe the atmosphere?
Fun fact: You’d probably never believe it but just like that 80’s film with a young buff Arnie running around the planet Mars the truth is; Mars’s atmosphere contains enough oxygen for the bog standard human being to be able to breath efficiently. As for us, oxygen isn’t a necessity when you exist in a “Hyper Lace.” Mars... is just another standard run of the mill planet except the human ego isn’t as fragile so racial conflict between humans doesn’t exist in the same way as it does on earth.

Is the dark side of the moon colonised?
The moon is an artificial satellite created by a race so in love with there own projection they shot off at a speed they couldn’t control, they apparently quantum leaped of the beaten track and  Those who survived ended up smoking hard food on the corner of a gritty galaxy in a dark part of a dark universe.

Outside of our planet - which humanoid life form are the majority  - and is their racial discrimination in deep space?
Unfortunately discrimination exists in different forms throughout the cosmos... from our travels we’ve managed to discern that hierarchy, egocentric idealism and straight up laziness can lead to discrimination. However the earThbound human’s love of power derives from them being so weak and insignificant in the greater scheme of things. Kinda like short man syndrome.

What lifeforms did you encounter beyond Orion's belt?
Just beyond Orion’s Belt is the fabled home of the original Humanoids of this universe. If you visit the museum at the Cydonia Pyramid complex on Mars the tour guide explains the whole humanoid evolution theory... it’s really quite interesting you should visit if you ever get a chance. To be honest we set of in the direction of Orion’s Belt but we decided to turn back half way there. We came to the realisation that meeting the OGs might not be all we had hoped it may be... kinda like meeting your favourite musician or artist ( usually dickheads).

What is a Hyper Lace?
A ‘Hyper Lace’ is whatever you want it to be. A ‘Hyper Lace’ also takes a little getting used to.
After successfully transcending to a Hyper Lace, Little man never has to return to this shit hole again if he doesn’t want to. However, it’s quite likely he has scores to settle before he’s truly done here.

What caused your eyes to be greyed out?
Our eyes Grey Doubt when we came of age.

Is weed legal on Mars?
Weed’s illegal?!!! Since when!!

Listen to the album here