Ben Draghi: Like you do

"LIKE U DO" is Ben Draghi’s new single, a follow up to his first EP released in May, WASTING TIME. The song features pop-melodic vocals layered over a beat that fuses experimental sounds with vocal harmonies. It's a three-minute long love ballad that explores the push and pull between two lovers, or the chase between two strangers.

Ben directed a music video for “LIKE U DO”, starring himself and his partner Richie Shazam. In the video the duo submerge themselves in a variety of natural settings as a sort of re-imagining of Adam and Eve . The visual was inspired by classical paintings by Boticelli, and its aim was to create a modern interpretation of pastoral scenes, juxtaposing the traditional with the new, nature with technology. “LIKE U DO” takes you into a manicured limbo, a border-less world where fantasy reigns and love prevails.

About the director: Ben Draghi is an experimental music composer and videographer born is Paris, France and currently based in Brooklyn, New York. Draghi found his footing by combining audio with visuals to create worlds of fantasy, with work that premiered at shows in New York and Berlin. “LIKE U DO" is Ben Draghi’s new single, a follow up to his first full-length project “WASTING TIME” released in May, 2020. He is currently working on a new EP entitled “SOMEWHERE” set for release in March 2021.

Director - Ben Draghi (@bendraghi)
Starring - Richie Shazam (@richieshazam)
Art Director - Clara Martin (@clara__martin)
Music - Ben Draghi & Declan Hindman (@bendraghi and @declan.100)
DP- Hil Steadman