'Assurance' is about the obstacles faced by female DJs in Nigeria and beyond, and their defiant navigation of these issues.

The documentary was birthed out of British-Nigerian DJ Juba's pursuit for new perspectives in the gender debate. This curiosity led her to Nigeria, where she connected with three DJs: Sensei Lo, DJ Yin and DJ Ayizan in order to get an insight into their experiences in the context of Lagos.

Despite already being familiar with the impact of gender roles and patriarchy in Nigeria, immersing herself in the worlds of the three Lagosian women, enabled Juba to explore the ramifications of societal expectations and judgements in greater depth.

At times frustrating, other times uplifting and everything in between, the stories in 'Assurance' present a different set of intersections related to the discourse on gender inequality in the music industry. They challenge, widen and enrich the current conversation that Juba has been privy to, one in which African voices have been conspicuously silent, or more accurately- silenced.