Ani Klang: The Problem=

Ani Klang - a Berlin/USA emerging experimental club artist - is thrilled to unleash her debut music video “The Problem=" as part of her third and perhaps most brutal EP to date, “BURN THE EMPIRE.”

“The Problem=” follows a lone dancer exploring a complex, rotting warehouse as she gradually staggers toward a state of hyper, agitated bewilderment. As the track hammers with sword-like stabs, thundering kick drums, and a chorus of deranged voices chanting, accusing, ‘YOU’ ‘YOU’ ‘YOU,’ our dancer retaliates with rage and urgency to escape this crumbling cave taunting her body and mind.

Spiced with anxiously rapid flashes, stark silhouettes and floods of demonic expressions, the video follows her process of self-accusation and inner struggle, as if she’s been possessed by a corrupt ideology. She flees to a basement as her black clothes invert to white - has she been reborn into a new womb or found an alternate afterlife? Bursting with a twisted, frenzied energy, she escapes the suffocation of her torment and finds ecstasy in insanity - celebrating the uneven textures of existence in hysterics.

“The Problem=” is the second track on Klang’s tertiary EP, “BURN THE EMPIRE,” and is one of several doom-meets-dancefloor anthems the release boasts. Klang has partnered with Hyperboloid Records in Moscow, Russia to bring this vivid exploration of anger and queer anarchy to life.

Edited by Jack Hackett
Lighting by Theo Meow
Performence by Madison Webber

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