'Amend'; an afro-futurist short film about Black male fragility told through the lens of societal and governmental injustice. Set in the architectural marvel, MAK Center's Rudolph Schindler House, the film employs archival and contemporary footage as three male dancers perform the arch of one man’s life, from boyhood to manhood. Haunted by the memory of their ethereal matriarch, the central figure navigates growing-up and historical neglect through dance, interview, and fashion design.

Director, Choreographer, Cinematographer: @chrisemile
Performers: Joel Muepo, @keharisprayer, @renaissancebrown, @karenmcdonald_dance
DP: @basicfilmsla
Editors: Kristofer Cross, @getwhatigive, @chrisemile
Visual Effects Supervisor: @getwhatigive
Compositors: @jatafa, Samuel Kolber, Mark Newton
Sound & Score: @leavesgrowtrees
Art Director: @toy_papi
Stylist: @mmmmylipshurt
MUA: @elaboratefaces
Supported by: @makcenter, USC Digital Library, City of West Hollywood, @foundationforcontemporaryarts, @no_one.arthouse